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The mission of The Flushing International High School is to serve recent immigrants to the United States who are new learners of English. Our goal is to help each student learn to read, write and communicate clearly in English while maintaining their native language. Our students will learn to use their minds well to think about real-world issues. They will use what they learn to become successful in school as well as in the workplace, and they will learn to speak up for themselves and for their community.

​The students of The Flushing International High School are all recent immigrants who are new learners of English. For many of our students, FIHS is their first school in the United States.  Other students come to our school from middle schools in New York City.  When students begin at our school, they score at intermediate beginner or below on the NYSE SLAT exam and have been in the United States less than four years. FIHS students come from 40 different countries and speak over 20 different languages.

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