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$100 Attendance Challenge

February 5, 2018

By Yasser Elmeetknany


During the month of February, our school is witnessing a $100 Attendance Challenge. Everyday a student will come on time his name will be written on a new raffle. This means that the more you come on time the higher chances you’ll win. The school-wide competition amongst all teams across all grades is aiming to increase our school’s attendance rates and to reward those who take advantage of every moment to learn. Urging the importance of attendance through a fun raffle challenge is exciting, isn’t it?


Being at school is important, especially if you are an English learner. As an English Language learner, school will help you to master your language and this is essential requirement to be successful in your new home, the U.S. “Students who have attended school regularly are more likely to graduate and go to college” Mr Kevin said. Everyday of school is an opportunity to learn something that will contribute to your future success. It’s never too late to change a habit, start coming to school on time everyday and strive for a bright future that is waiting for you.

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