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Cell Phone Use

Many students have a hard time today putting down their cell phones, even in school.
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      In a survey of 12 students 10 students replied that they use their phones for over 4 hours a day. 11th grader Ray said “I cannot leave my cell phone for a long time because I need to do a lot of things” and when he was bored the phone is a good thing to kill time.

       We all know that using phones in school can hurt our learning, but it can also hurt our health. Using the phone an hour before sleep will increase the time required to sleep and hurt your sleep quality. This will make the user wake up in the morning feeling more tired.

       Also, people often use on the mobile phone to red mobels, see comics, check put friends on social networks, play game and so on. That will increase the pressure of eyes and make your eyes dry and strained. In addition, using your phones too much will lead your body is not natural bending, the neck more and more forward. Therefore, incorrect ways of using the mobile phones will cause the physical health problems.
       Phones are very important in our lives today, they help us learn new things and communicate with our friends but overusing them can hurt our minds and bodies. So next time, instead of seeing your friends on Snapchat, go see them in the park or beach!

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