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How do you spell Fun?  UNO


In FIHS, I often see some students playing UNO. So I interviewed Metamorphosis student Zhiahao and asked a few questions about the game.

BY: Do you play UNO?

Zhihao: Yes. Sometimes I will play it with my friends during my free time.


BY: “Do you like it?”

Zhihao: Yes, I like it. It is interesting, right? It can make me relax myself, and have fun.

BY: When did they start playing?”

Zhihao: So many years ago. I don’t remember that. Maybe when I come to New York.

BY:  What’s the hardest part for you while playing UNO?

Zhihao: For me, I always forget to say''uno”and''uno out” before I play the last card. Then I was fined two cards. Finally, my cards are more and more.”


BY: Me too. When I play UNO, I also have this problem. Did you play other versions of this game?

Zhihao: “Usually I play 4-player mode. But sometimes I also play 2v2 mode. "


BY: "Okay. That's it. I have no other questions for you. Thanks for taking the time for thi

By Bohan Yang

December 2021

    UNO is a popular board game. It was released by Mattel in 1971.This name comes from the player's need to call "UNO" when the last card is left. It is popular all over the world because of its simple rules and fast paced games. The object of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards. In your free time, you can play UNO in groups of 2 to 10 people. 


    Is there any other way to play UNO? Yes, it has. For example, in the 2V2 mode, you and your teammates can look at each other's cards, and then cooperate with each other so that one of your players will finish all the cards before the other team. This gameplay is a test of tacit understanding. There is also a game called Universal Customizable. You can use your creativity to write various special rules on the Wild Customizable Card, add special effects to the card, and make the game have more possibilities.

    You can even download UNO on your phone. The mobile game version of UNO has been launched in nearly 150 countries around the world, its number of players exceeds 100 million, and it once ranked among the top ten in the App Store game download list.

UNO also has international competitions. It is not just a board game for relaxation. In 2020, UNO hosted the UNO Online Tour in China and on July 2, 2021, UNO held its first World Championship event, and the winner's prize was up to $50,000. 



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