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Getting to Know Mr. Kev

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By Bohan Yang

November 2021

Mr. Kev's full name is Kevin Marquez. He is the 11th Grade ELA Teacher for Team Metamorphosis. He has kindly agreed to be interviewed by FIHS Voices to share more about himself. We hope you all enjoy learning more about our beloved Mr. Kev.


Q: Where are you from? 


Mr. Kev:  I came from New York City.


Q: What about your family?


Mr. Kev:  My family came from the Dominican Republic, and also Mexico.


Q:  Why did you become a teacher?


Mr. Kev:  I want to help other people to study. That is my dream. So in this special school, I help 11th graders learn knowledge. 


Q: Why did you choose to teach English? 


Mr. Kev: I am interested in this. I am always a reader. And I majored in English in College.


Q: How long have you been teaching in this high school?


Mr. Kev: I was teaching twelve years in this high school.


Q: When you first lecture, how did you feel?


Mr. Kev: I am nervous, and excited. But I really love this job. You know, if one person cares about one thing, then the person will be very nervous when doing that.


Q: What was your first impression of FIHS?


Mr. Kev: It is amazing. I liked the old teachers working together. I saw the students' team collaboration. That is cool. I also liked the environment of this school, with students from different countries.


Q:  Now, how did you feel about FIHS? 


Mr. Kev: Same. But I also like that the student’s family is trying to help the school to improve its work, and study environment. 


Q:  Where do you want to travel?


Mr. Kev: I want to travel to Greece, England, Paris and Japan. There are beautiful places. I especially want to go to Japan.


Q:  What is your favorite thing?


Mr. Kev: I love video games, fiction or comic books, and watching WWE.


Q:  What do you want to do during your free time?


Mr. Kev: During my free time, I have dinner with my wife. I also watch movies and write poetry.


Q: What is your favorite character in the Marvel or DC universe?


Mr. Kev: My favorite character is Spider man. He is very cool.


Q: Why do you and Mr. Rafael organizing the Flushing Fandom International Club?


Mr. Kev: I think that will give students more space to have fun. To relax themself. They also can share games and fun with each other.


Q:  What can students learn in the Fandom Club?


Mr. Kev: They can get happy and work together. They will know each other in this club. And they also learn more about pop culture.


Q: What is the greatest help the Fandom Club has to students?


Mr. Kev: They will have more space to have fun. They also make friends and discuss things with each other in this club. Also, it is a place where improve the relationship between students. 

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