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Inside Climate News Gala 

November 02, 2017 

By Yasser Elmeetknany

Two students from the school thought that global warming is an issue that can’t be ignored, and it's not just the goverment job to figure out how to solve this problem. So, they started to perform their duties as individuals to maintain a clean environment.

Nayankumar Prajapati and Muhamed Yasser from Team Bridges chose for their Civics Project to help the environment in our school. And the first part of that plan is to come up with a new recycling program for bottles and cans since there is no recycling at all within our school. To do so, they created new lids for the bins themselves and turning trash bins into recycling bins, since buying a new bins that would cost a lot money and just produce more waste.

Last week witnessed the launch of their small project, they started to go to the Bridges team advisories and give presentations about their project. They decorated the lids with stickers of bottles and cans to teach the students to change their habits.

They also had a journey to downtown Manhattan to attend the Inside Climate News Gala where they were lucky to meet and listen to people who were College Professors and famous Journalists speaking about climate change and the reasons behind this phenomena, and what are the issues that make it hard to put an end to one of the most concerning issues our world experiencing.


Be on the lookout and support the new environmental programs starting in the school.

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