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Lunch Time Interviews

December 1, 2019

By Zee Farooq & Yingqi Xu

Today we are going to talk about the “lunch time period”, some high school student in FIHS think lunch period time was too short, they said during the lunch period they need to wait for almost 20 min to wait for lunch and lunch time only had 40 min, so they need more time to eat their lunch. Also, some 12th grade student said they could out for lunch but there has no any restaurant or supermarket is near the school, the nearest restaurant or supermarket they know was in the Main Street and they need to do almost 30 min walk to Main Street that which means they only had 10 min to eat.  We have many questions. Why can't students get the same amount of lunch tim eperiod as they get for subject classes? Why doesn't seniors get different lunch time since they have permission to go out for lunch? Do all the school have the same amount of lunch time period? Look down to see what others said:

“The lunch time is enough for students to eat their lunch and take a break for a little bit, because it’s not a subject class and not a college requirement. Students need more time for their subject classes because it’s a graduation requirement.”

     Ms. Rebecca 


¨It’s enough time to get lunch, eat and relax.”


 “The lunch time is too short  because our classes have a lot of time and its long periods and we get tired, so we really need a long break.”

     Mahnoor Fatima  


“The lunch time is not good and not enough because the school let us go outside for lunch since we are seniors and since the time is too short then we can’t go outside and get something in this amount of time, so we have to stay in school.”

     Luis Sanchez


“It’s short because it also take time when we stays in the line to get food”

     Kevin Benitez

“The middle school student gets the same amount of lunch period time as the get for subject class. Also it depends on the schedule that have to make with other schools in the building because the building is shared with other schools. In the middle school student also get the time based on their subject, like which subjects need more time.”

     Mr. Fitting (Middle School J.H.S 189 Principle) 

̈ ̈Lunch period time is deciding with collaboration of junior H.S, and they have to look at each other's schedule, they also have to decide based on the subjects because certain classes need certain credits which should be within a certain amount of minutes. Every semester need 54 hours worth of class time, and lunch does not need or get credits.¨

     Kevin Hesseltine (FIHS Principle)

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