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"Morning Tea!" 

November 01, 2017 | ISSUE 8 

By Ziyun Cai & Wenying Lei

People often think that drinking morning tea is drinking tea in the morning, but Guangdong morning tea is different because it is not just "drinking tea". Guangdong morning tea is a tradition that started in Guangdong, China. Morning tea for Cantonese people is not only a form of cuisine, it is a good way to spend time with the family. Morning tea is a way to enjoy a wide variety of Guangdong delicacies,In China, most kind of the people go to eat morning tea are elders and children because they have a lot of free time. For the young people they generally visit in the holidays time with family member. Not only are we writing about the morning tea, we also both enjoy it very much.

Wenying (From Guangdong, China): I used to go to have morning tea every Saturday with my family. The restaurant we used to go is very old but still, a lot of people like to go there. I like going there because of the food there are very tasty and affordable. My favorite dessert is “shrimp Rice Rolls” and “Snowy durian”, these two desserts I eat each time I go there.

Ziyun (From Jiangxi, China): The Guangdong morning tea was a place for me and my family member to get together. Even though, I am not from Guangdong but I still think the food of Guangdong morning tea was very delicious, my favorite food of Guangdong morning tea was Shrimp dumplings and steamed chicken feet. Every time my family wanted when to eat Guangdong morning tea need lined up for a long time, which also shows that Guangdong morning tea is very popular.

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