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Congratulations Ms. Rosmery

September 15, 2018 | ISSUE 10

By Yuanrong Chen & Tom Han


This year one of our favorite teacher Ms. Rosmery have become our school’s new Assistant Principal. Before she become Assistant Principal, she is a math teacher and have been teach over 9 years in Team Connections. Students love her class a lot because she also graduated from an international high school, so she really like work with and understand international students. Before she become Assistant Principal she was interested at leadership and solving different problems. This is the main reason that she decided to become a Assistant Principal and she felt very lucky to have this opportunity. 


In her opinion, the new job is much different than the old job. Right now she’s working on many things that she will never do if she’s still a teacher such as have meeting with people from outside of school, writing reports, deal with students’ family and support teachers and counselor department. For these two jobs there is not one that is easier or harder. As an Assistant Principal, she usually has to plan for the whole day in the morning. As a teacher, even there are many things she have to be done, she had more time to figure out. But It’s hard to say what side she like most, because she like to be a teacher and also like her new work. Even she is not a regular teacher anymore, she is still teaching one class, which is the Math Regents Prep. 


So what do some students feel about Ms. Rosmery? Frank, from Bridges says, “Treat all student equally. She always uses simple way to lead us into math problem, and she like smile to us.” Pei Lin, from Bridges adds, “Very, very nice teacher. She can understand student’s feeling and try to figure out a way to help them. When students felt sad, she will comfort you. You can always come to her when you have a hard times.” Cenia from Bridges feels, “she is a a great person and really kind. She always wanted to help students of not be in trouble." Her sister Adriana agrees, “Rosmery is a patient teacher. She is great with all the students.”

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