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FIHS Wins NYC High School Newsies Awards

November 15, 2017 | ISSUE 8

By Andrew Xie

On November 3, 2017, the FIHS Newspaper Club went to Baruch College to attend the 14th NYC High School Journalism Conference, and two of our members received great awards for their excellent stories. Their names are Baozhu Cai and Wenying Lei.

Wenying is from China, and the article that was a finalists for Best Feature Article Award is “New York My New Home” printed in May 2017. In her article, she talks about how different the culture and her feelings in the U.S. is than China by having her unique perspective of an immigrant. The school, neighborhood, languages, climate were all brand new for her. This brought lots of challenges that she had to overcome. By writing about the challenges she has been through, she shares her feelings of fear and nervousness when she just got to this country. Now, Wenying accepted this city as her new home. She loves how diverse this place is and hopes that this article can bring some positive energies to the people who are from different places of the world and facing the same challenges.


Baozhu also “spoke” about her feelings about immigrating from China. However, unlike Wenying’s article, Baozhu tells her story by drawing. Her comic is called “Great Change of My School Life” printed in January 2017. This is what makes her comic so interesting and won first place for the Illustration Award. As we know, FIHS is a school where every student is ESL student, reading pictures is much easier than reading lots of words for everyone. Baozhu drew the differences between FIHS and the school she went in China. By drawing the environment of two different schools, we can really see how much more comfortable FIHS is than the Chinese school. Baozhu wishes that her comic can make us to feel we are very lucky because we are studying in the safer environment with more freedom.

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