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Erika Alba is a Dominican sixteen year-old 12th grade Senior of Flushing international high school Erika Alba who is part of the Flushing New York community loves photography. One of the main reason why she chose photography elective is  for her passion of art and the beauty of life and depth and showing the difference between reality and fantasy. 


My name is Brandy Arevalo. I am from El Salvador.I came to NY almost 6 years ago.I am 16 years old. I'm attending Flushing International High School as a junior year. I live in flushing. What I'm interested in photographing is people, myself, sky,hair,and makeup.The reason why I choose this elective is because I was interested in getting good at taking pictures, and then try to teach at least something to my mom.And learn how to use a camera.


I'm Yaroslava Kyselia, already 19 years old. My life start in Ukraine, Kiev and continue at Forest Hills, Queens. In two days I will graduate from Flushing International High school, which is placed in Flushing. 

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My name is Yuning Shi.  I am from China and17 years old. Currently I am a 12th grade student at The Flushing International High School in Flushing, Queens, New York. Photography is my future career choice because I enjoy the process of using my own hands with my ideas to show an object or scene in a creative way. I enjoy finding new things in my life that I never cared about before or looked at in a certain way that then can become new through photography. Photography gives me more ideas about the world and I am working to try new things such as exploring light and the new places that I didn’t even know were in my house.


I am Mingxi Wang, an 18 years old Chinese and a senior student at Flushing International High School. I have loved photography from the age of 14, initially, I just wanted to remember how my surroundings in China were before coming here and I took many playful pictures, but I found photography interesting when looking at things from another perspective, remembering that moment and understanding the stories behind each other’s photographs.

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