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Love at First Sight

      Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever fall in love ? If you don’t you never can feel what is first sight love.

      It was 2009. I could clearly remember I was outside alone. All day it had been raining. The air was cold and wet, and I saw him on the road.

      He was almost dying and nobody was helping him. I was thinking should I go there and help him, or just walk away? I was in undecided moment, I and imagined what would my parents say, if I take him home? I was perplexed. Suddenly my humanity came up. I thought, whatever going to be happened  I really won’t care,  I assumed my mother could get mad at me or she could give me punishment, Yet I must do what had to be done.

      I went closer to him and kept my hand on his body. I thought he had passed away. My tears came out from my eyes but no one could see it cause it mixed up with rain. I felt guilty and was blaming on myself. Unexpectedly, I heard a sound and I was pretty sure it came from his mouth. My heart beat increased and I was trembling. I realized when people want to help someone Allah also helps the helper. I picked him up and covered him with my scarf. I took him home and trying to feed him hot milk so that he could survive. I was surprised because my mother didn’t tell me anything and also she tried to help me to save his life. I felt I am  the luckiest girl in the world.

       After a few weeks he was perfectly ok. In time, he would walk and then run. I believed he understood my language and I his.  He always tried to follow me wherever I went. I gave him a name and he became one of my family member in my house. Everybody liked him. I never felt he is a cat and not human because his understanding was much better than some people.

      Every day he slept with me, and played with me. I remember I made a house for him but he never lived there. He liked to stay with me and I also couldn’t think of being without him. Now it’s been almost 5 years that I last saw him. I know he had died, but he still alive in my mind. He was my first pet, my first love and also my best friend. I am sure I never would have such a good friend as him.

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