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“Senior Memories/Shoutouts”

Faiza- Shoutout to my red carpet friends. Winie and Asma. They know what I mean. Hahaha…...

Sabatine- A big shoutout to my SQUAD!(bhea, laura, winie, maria la loka) Diversity is not a bad thing and you guys will forever be in my heart. Good time Vs Bad times- No matter what we’re stronger together.


Laura- Shoutout to Ms. Carver for yelling at me all the time. Love you CARVER. And thank you Carver for your support and for always believing in me, it’s awesome to know that there is a teacher/mother that cares and hears me out when I need it. Also, shoutout to all my ladies!! Thanks to all those crazy friends for all does crazy memories. Thank you chivi(Nayeli) for your support. Thank you bhea for those years of friendship and being so related to me. Maria la loka thank you for always screaming at me.


Zack- Shoutout to Ms. Virginia for being the best teacher I have in F.I.H.S. (No Offense to the other teachers. ;)


Winie- I want to dedicate a special thank you to my friends. You guys made me laugh and turned me crazy and you have been there through my hardest time. Also to my favorite teachers Ms. Virginia and Rosmery for your support.


Maria R.-  I want to thank my friends and all my teacher for being patient with me and for supporting me during my High School journey. Love you bhea my bestie, thank you for your support. Thank you laura for those crazy times.

Lucas- I want to thanks and give a shoutout to my mom, my teachers and specially my girlfriend Adriana for always helping me to be a better person and pushing me to work harder and keep moving forward everyday.


Maria T- Shout out to Jhoseline. She is everything for me, she my best friend. Gracias por ser la mejor amiga y mi mejor hermana y sabes que te voy extranar mucho. Thank you to all my friends for making  have a good time in school, you know who you are(bhea, laura, chivi, stefany. Maria la loka…)


Adriana Castro- Although I just arrived to Flushing International High School on April 2016, I’ve met amazing students and teachers at school. Thank you Lucas Pacheco for reminding me everyday how strong and determined I am. Thank you teachers, for always pushing me to give my best at school. Finally, I want to give a special thanks to Ms. Lara for being there for me from the day I joined this school. In my eyes, you weren’t only my PBAT mentor, you were a perfect example of an amazing and successful woman who works hard everyday trying to always be there for your family, students, teachers, and conferences. THANK YOU


Omar- I just wanna say, I’ll do my best in college.


Juan- I wish all of you the best and eat a lot of platanos.


Bea- Shout out to all my teachers and my friends, thank you for being there for me through good and bad times. To Mr. Hesseltine, thank you for being the coolest yet strict mentor. You rock! I love you all! This 4 years experienced was the BEST!

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