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Champions of New York City!

By Yasser Elmeetknany 


Elmer Soriano with nerves of steel scores the last penalty to bring the championship title to our school for the first time since our school was founded. Franklin K.Lane had the first hand in the game but our team managed to comeback and win the title.

The game was tough and it went to extra time and penalties, but who has to worry when we have such great players like our school does. From 1-0 down, to 1-1 and wins the game, that was absolutely magnificent. Elmer the scorer of the winning penalty says “I knew that we will win even after conceding the first goal. I believed that we will comeback”

This was truly a season to remember our school had. Our Dragons ended the season with such a great record, they only received one loss in 16 games. In addition, our striker Nicolas Hans, ended the season with scoring 28 goals in 16 games. Can you imagine that? 

Nicolas himself adds “ I am really happy that we are the champions of the whole NYC. I am so happy that I helped the team achieve this with scoring 28 goals as the goal scorer of our division. It’s a great memory for me and for our school as it’s the first time we win the title.”

Senior Victor Valenzuela, one of the oldest players in the team, said “ I am so proud of everyone. We worked hard and we did effort to make this happen. Thanks to everyone who supported us”  The achievement our school soccer team has made was not an accident, it was an outcome of hard work and consistency.

Also, we must not forget our coach, Chris Collins, effort. The one who believed in achieving this when nobody else did. The motivation Coach Chris gave to the players and the way he assisted them toward achieving their full potential played a fundamental role in making this happen.  

Lastly, a shoutout to our heroes who worked hard to achieve this goal:

Nicolas Hans Merilan - Marvin Hernandez  - Elmer Soriano - Brian Melgar - Victor Valenzuela - Victor Portillo - Carlos Martinez - Amaury Garcia -  Fernando Ruiz - Carlos Melgar - Nestor Tobar - Emmanuel Acuahuitl - Kevin Ortiz - Muhamed Elmeetknany - Luiz Velez - William Perez - Zahid Pallab.  


Make sure to give them a clap when you see them in the hallway or in the classroom, those people raised the name of our school high.

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