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Multicultural Feast

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The Multicultural feast is an annual event of Flushing International High School. Each year, during multicultural feast, students bring food from their culture.

During the multicultural feast, student go around the cafeteria and get food. Many students enjoy the food. The student can taste other cultural food and learn about other cultures. In the multicultural feast, student really come together and

become one family. Not only the food make student enjoy, but also the DJ make people enjoy too.

People really enjoy the feast. I have teachers and students about the feast.

Ms. Lily says: “ I think it is the best event of the school and it unites the school community. My favorite food is mapo tofu.”

Ms. Amie says: “I really enjoy the multicultural feast because it is a opportunity for her to experience all the different culture in one day. My favorite food is empanadas.”

Bridges student Xiaoyu says: “ I think it makes the relationship between students better, and shows that diversity is important in school. My favorite food is hot pot.”


Bridges student Ming says: “ I think it good because he can taste many culture’s food and it promote cultural communication. My favorite food is sushi.”


At last, the multicultural feast at Flushing International High School is a very important event to the students and staff. It helps student to have good relationships with its schoolmate and teachers, and it also teach us the story behind the culture through the food. It teaches us that diversity at our school is a very good thing, that it makeup part of the “Earth”.

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