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Two Schools, Same Building

October 1, 2019

By Ying Ying Chen & Ashrafe Nudia

Students of Flushing International High School have always wondered about why it is sharing the same building as J.H.S. 189. After interviewing two staff members and surveying 15 students of FIHS, it was clear that having FIHS co-located with J.H.S. 189 is necessary but not appreciated. 

Small public schools often have to share space with another public school because they don’t receive enough public funding for their facilities. The Program Manager of FIHS, Liang Lin said, “our school doesn't have enough money to get our own space and I don’t think we are moving out of here”. In New York City, there were more than 900 co-located public schools in 2013. Flushing International High School is one of them which is sharing space with J.H.S. 189. “We have a small school and small schools have to share space with another school. We cannot have 400 students in a big building which is not going to be filled up. Besides, it is very costly to have your own school space in New York” said Grace Raffaele, Literacy Coach. 

It is necessary for us to share space with J.H.S. 189. "What are the opinions of students on this matter? A survey reveals that most of the students of FIHS do not like to share space with J.H.S. 189. Some students like having two schools in the same building because there are many students together and they don’t disturb each other. Most students don’t like that two schools are in the same building because they want to have their own space.

“We have less space for our school and our hall is always very crowded,'' said Yaraslava from 12 grade. This school is on the third floor of the building and all of it’s classrooms are located there. Another student Tiffany said that “other high schools are really big and our school is only on a floor”. Almost every student of FIHS want to have their own space, without sharing with another school. A few students like that these two schools are sharing space because there are many students with more diversity. “We don’t come in each other’s ways anyway. So it doesn’t affect us in a bad way” said Ron. There are mixed opinions regarding FIHS co-locating with J.H.S. 189 and it’s important to come together and discuss them. 

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