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Un-Social Media

October 15, 2017 | ISSUE 8

By Daniella Marin


Since social media came to our lives, it seems to make people’s lives “easier.” Social media was meant to help us communicate with new people from different countries or talk with relatives that are far away, but now some people are using social media in bad ways. Now it is used to make cyberbullying, be a person who we are not, and to be a slave to the screen. 


Social media has become a cover some people to use it the wrong way. It is a cover that give us the false courage to say what we are not able to say in person, to be anonymous and try to destroy people’s self esteem. It is a cover to be a person who you are not. 

These people act a certain way in front of you, but if you see them online you cannot believe it is them. 


Another problem with social media is that we all try to act as if we have a perfect life online but that is not true. We all have problems, the world has problems and we need to take care of them, not pretend we don’t have them. 


Finally, most people today use social media 24/7, like it is a drug that we cannot abandon, especially teenagers. We have let social media take over our everyday lives. We no longer have real conversations with real people. Now we can be surrounded with a lot of people in a room, but we prefer be a slave to the screen instead of talking to one another. We don’t use eye contact and we are like machines checking social media each minute. 


Social media is a great tool because it is part of the future, but we need to control it and don’t let it control us.

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