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No One is in Charge of the Student Government:


December 15, 2019

By Bonita Saha & Yuki Wang

Student Government was the biggest club in the Flushing International High School where many students and teachers worked together to arrange a lot of fun activities every year, but not anymore. It ended the day when Ms Amie who was in charge left this school at the end of last year. 

Student Government was the place where students were encouraged to participate in various activities and be the leaders that school needs. It was loved by all the students and teachers for it’s work such as fundraising money and donating in North Korea, Syria, hosting Halloween parties, Valentine’s Day Party, celebrating Christmas. FIHS students and teachers loved to attend these parties which they enjoyed with their friends and classmates. Since Ms. Amie left, no one was there to take charge of this club and therefore, Student Government of FIHS have ended which made everyone unhappy.

Many students still wish for Student Government to start again because it was responsible for organizing different events in FIHS. Since there is no Student Government anymore, there are no parties, and fun activities happening in this school. We interviewed Ms.Erin who used to run student government along with Ms. Amie and she said, “It’s too much trouble, I can’t do it by myself.” Ms.Erin teaches 11th and 12th graders and also work with seniors to help them with their college application process. 

But if somebody else wants to do it, she will be happy to help. She also gave some suggestions like combining student government and senior student council. However, when we asked Mr.Tony who is in charge of senior student council and what does he think about to combine the student government and the council, he said no because he believes that student government and the council isn’t the same thing even though it has some similarities. Based on what Tony said, they serve different purposes like senior council is for senior students only. One of the other teachers we interviewed was Ms. Jillian and she also said that she wouldn’t be able to do it due to her busy schedule. She needs to work with some senior students on an art portfolio, but she said, “probably 2-3 teachers can work together so one person doesn’t have all the responsibilities and they can take turn to do it.”

Anyway, the people who care most about the student government are students because they need to have some fun in the boring learning environment. We interviewed some students. The following are their thoughts on the student government. “Student government is a place where we can explore many ideas, we plan about different kinds of party and donation, we are helping students to do more instead of just study. I am enjoying the time I spend on student government.” “Do we still have Halloween party? When is the student government restart?” “ This is my last year in FIHS, I want to have more fun in school, it’s so boring without student government!”

These is saying we need student government, we need party, we need activities to make our school life interesting. 

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