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What's Happening?

December 15, 2017 | ISSUE 8

By Yasser Elmeetknany, Songtao Lin & Zainullah Nazawali 

What's been happening around FIHS in October, November and December?

Let's check it out.


A night well spent our school had yesterday celebrating the Halloween. The FIHS Student Government did an amazing job putting together their first school-wide event of the new school year. Student Government members was preparing for this since the first day of school. They spent a lot of time to make the decorations to make it look that lively. In addition, we want to commend their efforts raising money to make this party turn to reality.


The students in the school from all grades went to the party yesterday with amazing and various costumes. One of our seniors even dressed as a burger while another one disguised as if he was a dinosaur. Senior Walter B. said, “The party was really cool, I liked everything about it. The food, the music and the decorations as well.” Ms. Erin the college counselor donated a one hundred dollar movie ticket to the best costume. The choice was really hard since most of the students were really well dressed and disguised, however there was one winner in the end. Songtao, the hamburger, was the lucky guy who won the $100 movie ticket!

Ms. Amie, the supervisor of the Student Government adds “Everybody in the student government did a great job putting together the party. It was amazing to see all the different talents all the students have. Student Government did a great job fundraising for the party and it would never have happened without selling the lollipops!  And I had a lot of fun taking pictures with student!” This was a really great start to the new school year, and it seems that the student government and the other clubs have a lot of plans to make this year fun and different.


To all people who say school is not fun- SCHOOL IS FUN!



The Multicultural feast is an annual event of Flushing International High School. Each year, during multicultural feast, students bring food from their culture. During the multicultural feast, student go around the cafeteria and get food. Many students enjoy the food. The student can taste other cultural food and learn about other cultures. In the multicultural feast, student really come together and become one family. Not only the food make student enjoy, but also the DJ make people enjoy too. People really enjoy the feast. I have teachers and students about the feast.


Ms. Lily says, “ I think it is the best event of the school and it unites the school community. My favorite food is mapo tofu.” Ms. Amie says, “I really enjoy the multicultural feast because it is a opportunity for her to experience all the different culture in one day. My favorite food is empanadas.” Bridges student Xiaoyu says, “ I think it makes the relationship between students better, and shows that diversity is important in school. My favorite food is hot pot.” Bridges student Ming says, “ I think it good because he can taste many culture’s food and it promote cultural communication. My favorite food is sushi.”

At last, the multicultural feast at Flushing International High School is a very important event to the students and staff. It helps student to have good relationships with its schoolmate and teachers, and it also teach us the story behind the culture through the food. It teaches us that diversity at our school is a very good thing, that it makeup part of the “Earth”.


TOYS FOR TOTS, Zainullah Nazawali

Do you remember when you received a Christmas gift when you were a kid? How happy did it make you feel to receive that new toy or game? This year, let’s make sure every child can feel that same happiness. To help children who are less fortunate, you can support the FIHS Student Government partnership with the Toys For Tots Program.


The student government would like each team to fundraise within their own advisories. With the money raised, you could buy a toy or more within your advisory or give it to the student government. You could bring the toys to room 327. This charity will bring happiness to many kid’s christmas! The organization Toys For Tots led by the Marine Corps Reserve do not like to collect unpackaged or used toys since it won’t be as joyful and exciting as the new ones for the less privileged kids. Give the kind of gift that you would like to receive! A few generous people donated a few bucks already. Just like they did their part to make a difference, you can do yours too. It is the time of the year where many people are full of spirituality and caring of others in need as the student government supervisor Ms. Amie adds “We Student Government hope that this will bring more holiday cheer to the children in need during this season!”

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