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YouTube Can Start a Business

January 15, 2018 | ISSUE 8

By Weijia Ding


Do you spend your free time on youtube watching videos? The answer is of course- yes, but did you know that uploading videos can make money? One day, I saw a video about making youtube videos to make a money. This attracted my attention. For example, in the video, the poster said: “when you upload interesting videos and 10,000 people watched this video you can make $100 dollars.” 

I was very excited and I started to make some videos. In Youtube there are many different types of YouTubers. My favorite Youtuber is called “Ms. Yeah Official Channel” She is a creative YouTuber, she posts videos from the work office. She made an especially funny video where she made the water dispenser into a hot pot. And this video helped her make a lot of money.

I decided to make a channel about my life. For example, my first video was about  recommended interesting place to go, with friends. For instance, in one video I recommended in the 42st nearby the Time Square. Over there have a store called Line Friends. In the Line Friends store there are a lot dolls, phone cases, school bags, stationery etc. I wanted to do these videos because I wanted to share interesting places that can bring people happiness.

However, my idea of making money is much different from the reality.  In my mind I can make a lot of money from uploaded interesting videos and get millions of subscribers and viewers. The reality is my first video only had 100 viewers, and only 16 people subscribed to my channel. I realize that if I want to use YouTube to make money it is not an easy thing, but I am not giving up. To make a video that more people would watch I needed to spend more time to use the iMovie on post-production of the video and add background music and designs to make the videos more vivid. Success is not accidental, it needs a lot of effort. 

I will keep making the video, and post the video on Youtube. Even if I don’t make any money, making my viewers happy is a great thing. I will try my best let more people like watch my video, and subscribe my channel. One day, I believe I will be a successful YouTuber!

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