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Yuning Shi

           This collection of photos shows the community environment where I live as well as my hobbies. There are some photographs that also show the scenery I saw when I went to school daily, and because of the COVID 19, I include some places and objects that I never realized. The most important thing is that these photos show my important hobby which is wearing Chinese traditional clothes.

         The goals of these pictures are to show the community that I live in and how my emotions change during the quarantine from being happy to become bored and lonely. Before the pandemic, I could go outside with my friends, but during this time my parents won't let me go out, so I can only stay in my room and only see the changes and views of the trees outside through the window. Actually, I didn’t feel too much at the beginning, because I could still paint and play games, but as the seasons began to enter the summer, I wanted to see the scenery outside and began to have a feeling that I want to go out. I miss those sceneries and nature that I saw before when I could go outside to school, be with my friends, and be able to go outside. 

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